1.4 Modules Overview

The Module is how Retain connects to your messaging system.

Select the module that corresponds with your messaging system and configure the module.

1.4.1 Key Concepts

You must install a Module to connect to your messaging system, this reveals the Data Collection section in the console for setting up a job.

Archiving involves connecting Retain to your messaging system with a Module, setting up a schedule for when you want archives to happen, a profile that defines what should be archived, a worker agent needs to be installed, configured and connected to Retain, and finally a Job needs to be configured with all the previous components as well as who to archive.

To set up archiving, you need to configure:

Module: How to connect your messaging system.

Schedule: When the job runs.

Profile: What types of messages the job is to archive.

Worker: The Worker is a combination of the Retain Worker Agent that can sit on the Retain server, the messaging server or another server, and the Retain Worker Web Object in the Retain Server console where you create the worker bootstrap which tells the Worker Agent how to connect to Retain Server.

Job: Who to archive, what expiration date to create, what schedule, profile, and worker to use.

1.4.2 Modules

Modules are how Retain connects to a messaging system and jobs specify what Retain archives.

Modules are where you provide the data needed for Retain to connect to the messaging system. This includes the address of the messaging system server and credentials to enter the system, such that Retain can access all the mailboxes.

This is used by the Retain Worker to connect to the messaging system. It is the Retain Worker that does all the work of bringing the data into Retain.

Since the Worker Agent software can be installed on a server separate from the Retain server itself we need to provide it with a bootstrap so it knows how to connect tot he Retain server.

In Retain 4.2 and above, multiple modules of the same type can be enabled. This allows Retain to connect to multiple messaging systems of the same type at the same time that do not share common access. The modules can be given different names to make it easy to distinguish.

Multiple modules is enabled for GroupWise. Exchange, Google Apps (G Suite) and Mobile modules. It does not apply to the other modules.

You enter the Module name in the Module.

For example, the GroupWise4.214 module has a different domain and trusted application key compared to the GroupWise4.160 module.