4.8 Securing the Database Connection

IMPORTANT:Currently, only MariaDB and MySQL support secure database connections with Retain.

Also, only certificates from industry-recognized Certificate Authorities are supported. Self-signed certificates will not work.

If your SQL database resides on a separate server, Micro Focus recommends that you consider securing the connection between Retain and the database server.

To prepare for securing the connection, make sure that you have identified the .pem files described below and made them available to install on the Retain server while running the initial configuration wizard:

  • For the Maria DB or MySQL server, industry-recognized CA issued certificate.

  • For the Retain server, industry-recognized CA issued certificate and private key.

Initial setup instructions are in the Retain 4.9.2: Installation and Upgrade guide, starting with Message Store Database.

After the initial setup, you manage the certificates and keys using the Digital Certificates Tab, as documented in the Retain 4.9.2: Configuration and Administration guide.