4.4 Minimum Retain System Requirements

  • Processor: Dual-Core 3 GHz or better Processor

    NOTE:8 cores provide optimal performance during initial archiving and re-indexing processes

  • Web server: Apache 2.4.x or IIS, installed and configured by a system administrator

  • Database: Supported SQL Database, installed and configured by a system or database administrator

  • RAM: Retain Server alone requires 8 GB RAM. Adding a worker increases the requirement to 12 GB RAM. The installation aborts if less is detected in either case. At least 16 GB is recommended.

  • Storage Space: As much storage space as messaging system requires. See Storage Planning

  • Swap Space (SLES/Linux): At least 10 GB.

  • Standalone Worker server: 4 GB RAM for server and one worker. 2 GB RAM for each additional worker.

  • Standalone Reporting and Monitoring server: 8 GB RAM

  • Standalone Router: 8 GB RAM

4.4.1 RAM Requirements

Memory needs vary, depending on the load and use of the Retain system. However, Java automatically tunes for the memory that is available on the server. Tuning depends on what is selected for installation.

The Retain Install Automatically Allocates RAM

The installation detects the amount of RAM and automatically assigns memory values as shown

Less than 16 GB system memory:

  • 8 GB: Server and Worker

  • 6 GB: Server only

Less than 20 GB system memory:

  • 12 GB: Server and Worker

  • 10 GB: Server only

More than 20 GB system memory:

  • 16 GB: Server and Worker

  • 14 GB: Server only

In all cases where only the Worker is installed, the memory is tuned to 3 GB.