8.1 Retain Server

The Retain Server is the key component in the Retain system. Other Retain processes communicate with the Server through port 48080 by default. The Server is always listening on that port regardless of how other components might be configured to communicate with it (i.e., SSL port 443).

  • 48080 (TCP) Requires incoming access if any Retain processes are running on a server external to the server hosting the Retain Server.

  • The Server Requires outgoing access if the Reporting & Monitoring Server component has been installed on a server external the server hosting the Retain Server. See also the Reporting & Monitoring component in this article.

  • 48009 (TCP) The AJP (Apache JServ Protocol) port is used by for communication between the web server and Tomcat. Since both should reside on the same server, there are no external port access requirements.

  • 80 / 443 (TCP - HTTP / HTTPS) Requires incoming access to reach the Server web interface.

  • 25 (TCP) Requires outgoing access so that the Retain Server can send email notifications on server errors, job statuses, and job errors. Outgoing access to Database Management System (DBMS) port. This depends on the database system you are using. See the “Database Management Systems” section of this page.

Other ports must be opened on the server hosting the Retain Server, depending on the modules being used.