8.9 Exchange

  • 80 / 443 (TCP HTTP / HTTPS) on the Worker server. Requires outgoing access. The autodiscover process attempts https to the CAS servers for connecting to Exchange mailboxes. If that fails, it uses port 80 as a last resort. If Exchange / autodiscover / EWS are set up properly, only port 443 should be necessary.

  • 3268 or 3269 (TCP). Requires outgoing access. It uses one of these ports for LDAP lookups to the global catalog host, which is the primary database server for Active Directory.

  • Port 3268 for plaintext and 3269 for SSL (recommended).

  • 53 (UPD). Requires outgoing access. It's the port used by DNS. Retain utilizes DNS lookups during its autodiscover process.