6.3 Storage Minimums

Retain is very disk intensive. Running out of disk space can be very challenging to recover from and can potentially result in data loss. To minimize the chances of this happening certain safeguards have been implemented.

  • Retain issues warnings when there is less than 10 GB free space for the storage, index, and system volumes.

  • If the Retain system reaches 5GB of free disk space, it enters maintenance mode.

These minimums are configurable, but it is not recommended to permanently change these settings:

  1. Change to the configuration file directory, by default in:

    Linux: /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/classes/config/

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\RetainServer\WEB-INF\classes\config

  2. Edit the misc.properties file

  3. Change the following settings (in gigabytes) as desired, defaults being: