7.1 General Recommendations

Retain automatically tunes on installation, depending on available system memory. Further tuning should not be necessary except in extreme conditions.

By default, Retain detects installed system memory and tunes the maximum memory value according to the following levels:

In general, a minimal install requires 4GB for the OS, the tomcat heap XMS setting (default 4GB), 2GB for Retain and any memory the database requires if installed.

Less than 16 GB system memory:

8 GB: Server and Worker

6 GB: Server only

Less than 20 GB system memory:

12 GB: Server and Worker

10 GB: Server only

More than 20 GB system memory:

16 GB: Server and Worker

14 GB: Server only

In all cases, when only the worker is installed the memory is automatically tuned to 3GB.

To manually tune the memory, carefully consider the following information.