Retain 4.9.2 Release Notes

May 2021

1.0 Introduction

This document outlines the new features and changes in Retain 4.9.2.

2.0 Installing Retain 4.9.2

For planning and installation instructions, see the Retain 4.9.2: Installation and Upgrade guide.

3.0 Upgrading to Retain 4.9.2

To upgrade a Retain system that is running Retain 4.8.1 or later, simply download and install the Retain 4.9.2 software.

If you are running a version earlier than 4.8.1, follow the upgrade paths that are documented in Upgrading to Retain 4.9.2 in the Retain 4.9.2: Installation and Upgrade guide.

4.0 New and Changed Features in Retain 4.9.2

  • Added Multi-factor Authentication support for GroupWise and on-prem Exchange users.

  • Added multiple-group support for users with one group designated as the Configuration Group.

  • Added support for Dynamic distribution lists.

  • Changed Purge Exported Files settings to align with other settings in Retain.

  • Search menubar is now locked in place.

  • Mailboxes in Jobs, users, and groups are now sorted alphabetically after saving.

  • Address book entries that have no data stored, are now reported in the Licensing Report.

  • Load Saved Queries box size has been increased to show more items.

  • Added option to schedule a Mailbox Error Monitoring Report.

  • Added support for assigning GroupWise proxy rights to groups.

5.0 Issues Resolved in Retain 4.9.2

The following issues of interest have been resolved in Retain 4.9.2.

  • RET-14155 Retain Group members can’t access mailboxes granted to the Group.

  • RET-13590 Users added to selected users list during search.

  • RET-13588 Issue with a query being saved with an & in the name.

  • RET-9350 Switch to empty Mailbox -> dropdown disappears.

  • RET-14153 Users are logged out when trying to search in browse tab.

  • RET-13419 Rename of a worker does not take effect.

  • RET-14105 RETAIN reporting plenty of empty mailboxes.

  • RET-14019 Audit Report Drop-down Menu Selection Missing when using Group rights.

  • RET-13906 Display proper warning message for incomplete SMTP/FTP notification.

  • RET-14036 Cannot install WebAccess Plugin on OES 2018 (1.8 JVM).

  • RET-14031 Unable to export Audit table.

6.0 Known Issues

The following are known issues in the Retain 4.9.2 release.

6.1 Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess Limitation

The Retain for GroupWise WebAccess Plugin doesn’t work in GroupWise version 18.3 and later.

6.2 SOLR Log File Date Mislabeled

Retain 4.9.2 introduces a separate log file for SOLR entries that is named EmbeddedSolr.YYYY-mm-dd.log, where YYYY-mm-dd represents the year, month and day that the log entries occurred.

Due to library issues, the filename mistakenly records the day before the entries occurred. In other words, if the entries occur on May 25, 2021, the file is named EmbeddedSolr.2021-05-24.log.

Micro Focus plans to fix this issue in the next release.

6.3 Possible Android Archiving Issue

Micro Focus has received unverified reports that SMS/MMS messages from new Android devices that have RCS enabled might not be archived.

If your users experience this issue, try disabling RCS and see whether the problem is resolved.

If the problem is resolved, please log a bug so that the Retain team can investigate and fix the issue.

7.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: