2.14 Managing Retain Language Support

Retain is translated into 14 languages and matches these to browser settings when possible.

Users can also select any of the other 13 languages in various drop-down lists within the Retain web UI.

As a Retain Administrator, you can control which languages are listed by using the Language Editor.

  1. Using your administrative browser, sign in to Retain as the Admin user.

  2. Open a new tab and access the following URL:


    The Language Editor opens, displaying a list of 18 languages (shown below). The 14 languages that have corresponding localized strings on the Retain server, are enabled for selection by Retain users in the Expose to User? column.

  3. To change which languages users can choose in drop-down lists, change the Expose to User option.

    NOTE:Although Portugese, Russian, Slovak, and Norwegian are included in the list, Retain has no localized strings for these languages.

  4. To remove a language from this list, change the Delete Entry choice to Yes and save your changes.

    NOTE:Localized strings are not removed from the Retain server; only the list is affected. You can add back any languages previously removed by entering their 2-character IANA codes and appropriate descriptions.

  5. Be sure to save any changes that you make in this editor. Otherwise, your changes are lost.

  6. To see your changes, you must restart Retain as explained in Starting and Stopping the Retain Server in Retain 4.9.2: Installation and Upgrade.