2.7 GroupWise WebAccess Plugin

IMPORTANT:The Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess doesn’t work in GroupWise version 18.3 and later.

2.7.1 Overview

The Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess is a quick and effective way to integrate access to the Retain archive within GroupWise WebAccess. The Plugin adds a button that takes users to their personal archive. The archive interface that displays inside the WebAccess window provides the same archive access and management as when working in Retain.

The Plugin is found on the Tools page.

To access the Tools page, select the Tools link (top-right corner of the Retain Server administration page).

2.7.2 System Requirements

IMPORTANT:The Retain Pluging for GroupWise WebAccess doesn’t work in GroupWise version 18.3 and later.

The plugin servlet is installed and run on the GroupWise WebAccess server.

  • GroupWise WebAccess 8.x, 2012, 2014, 2014 R2, 18 (see Important note above)

  • Functioning Retain Server, with configured GroupWise module

  • Open network connection to the Retain Server

  • If SSL is to be used on the web server, either IIS or Apache, then SSL must be enabled on the Retain server as well.

2.7.3 Installation

To install the plugin, execute the installation file.


Linux requires root access to install the plugin. Change the files to executable and run the files.

  • chmod +x *.sh

  • ./installgui.sh (if a graphical install is desired)


  • ./installtext.sh (if a text install is desired)


On Windows, double click and run the .bat file.

  • install.bat

Graphical install shown

  1. Click ‘Next’ to begin the installation

  2. Accept the license agreement.

  3. Select the GroupWise WebAccess version. GroupWise 8 or older, or GroupWise 2012 or newer.

  4. Select the platform the WebAccess is being installed to. Linux or Windows.

  5. Specify the active ...webapps/gw directory, or browse to it.

  6. Specify the Retain Server URL. An open connection to the Retain Server is required for the plugin to work.

  7. Confirm the settings. Click ‘Next’ to begin the install, or ‘Back’ to change the settings.

  8. Once finished, click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer.

2.7.4 Post Install Tasks

Once the plugin is installed the final step to install the WebAccess plugin is to create two folders in the Novell folder structure.

Retain cannot create folders or set permissions on the host system, but requires the folders to be created in the Novell directory structure to function.


Retain requires two folders to be created, as well as the permissions set to match, on the GroupWise server.

Browse to:


  • Create two new folders here: ‘mobile’ and ‘simple’

    mkdir mobile

    mkdir simple

  • Note the file permissions and owner of the ‘css’ folder, and change the permissions of the two new folders to match.


Two folders need to be created on the GroupWise server. From where GroupWise was installed, browse to the webacc folder. For example,


  • Create two new folders here: ‘mobile’ and ‘simple’



  • Restart Tomcat and the plugin installation is complete

2.7.5 Confirmation

The plugin is now installed. Once WebAccess has been restarted, simply login as usual.

After logging in, users will see the interface they usually see, with an additional ‘Retain’ tab on the end of the top ribbon.

For users to access their own archive, all they need to do is click on the ‘Retain’ button and their archive will automatically open. Choose a folder to see the contents.

2.7.6 Uninstalling the Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess

  1. Stop Tomcat for the WebAccess Application

  2. Navigate to the WebAccess directory

  3. Rename or remove the retain/ directory

  4. Navigate to \srv\tomcat\4\webapps\gw\WEB-INF\classes\templates\webacc\css

  5. Edit the caption.htt file

  6. At the end of the file look for the line that says:

    {INCLUDE retain.inc}

  7. Comment out or remove this line

  8. Save the file.

  9. Start tomcat