Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway Administrator's Guide

About This Guide

This Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway (SMG) Administrator's Guide helps you integrate this software into your existing email system.


This manual is intended for IT administrators in their use of Secure Messaging Gateway or anyone wanting to learn more about Secure Messaging Gateway. It includes installation instructions and feature descriptions. The administrator is expected to be familiar with DNS, SSL, SMTP, RBL, SRBL, and GroupWise or Exchange authentication formats.

A user guide section is included. The user is expected to be able to click on links to access the quarantine and add email addresses to black and white lists.

Technical Support

If you have a technical support question, please consult the Micro Focus Technical Support at https://www.microfocus.com/support-and-services/


Micro Focus contact information and office locations: www.microfocus.com

To contact a Micro Focus sales team member, please call 866-GO-GWAVA ((866) 464-9282), or +1 (514) 639-4850 in North America.

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