1.1 Welcome

Thank you for choosing our service management solution. Your decision guarantees your service organization’s ability to deliver a comprehensive customer support service that meets, and even exceeds, your customer expectations.

Easy to configure and customize, our service management solution has been developed to offer the very best experience to users via the Web. This all-in-one support solution enables service issues to be readily created, managed, monitored and solved, with minimal impact to your customer's organization, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Your customers have access to a user-friendly portal that offers an easy-to-use Knowledge Base and request tracking system. Your technicians are provided with the tools that allow them to offer effective and efficient service. Supervisors have access to comprehensive management and reporting of the service desk, its technicians and all support issues.

For assistance with set-up and configuration of the application, access the Configuration Steps section of this guide. The configuration process requires the User to switch between the Administrator Role and Supervisor Role, so in the first instance it is advisable that the person customizing the application have both User Roles and this can be set for their account within the User tab of the Administrator screen.

The User Guides have sections relevant to the various User Roles within the application, including:

To start using this User Guide, click on the User Guide link within the Contents tab. Or, to use the step-by-step guide to assist with the application set-up, see Configuration Steps.

Use single clicks within the guide to open topic information.