Micro Focus Service Desk

This Micro Focus Service Desk provides information about What’s New in the Micro Focus Service Desk 7.3 release. The guide includes the following sections:


This guide is intended for Micro Focus Service Desk users.


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Additional Documentation

ZENworks is supported by other documentation (in both PDF and HTML formats) that you can use to learn about and implement the product. For additional documentation, see the Micro Focus Service Desk documentation website.

1.0 What’s New in 7.4

The Micro Focus Service Desk 7.4 release comes with the following:

  • Support for Mobile devices and Mobile bundles: With this support you no longer consider mobile devices as hardware, but as devices with their own set of custom fields.

  • Support for automated installation of iOS bundles: Store users can now request for iOS bundles and have them automatically installed on their mobile devices.

  • Assigning ownership from the Request Information page: Now technicians can add or reassign the ownership of an item to the requester from the Request information page.

    For example, if a user, Ron, requests for a laptop, a technician can assign the ownership of that laptop exclusively to Ron (by re-assigning from the stockroom owner).If Ron requests paid membership access, the technician can add him as one of the owners who has been assigned paid membership access.

  • Enhanced Store templates: Automates the process where one has to branch on a decision based on the assignment status.

  • Disable and Delete options for Configuration Item: The Disable option is used to disable an item temporarily. It can be enabled when required and will get enabled after the next AMIE sync. The Delete option deletes an item permanently and will get re-created as a new item after the next AMIE sync.

  • Change in behavior of Email as an Attachment: Content of the attached email will be added as a description for the new request and as a note for the existing request.