Group Templates

Project or Group Templates are created by Supervisors as a means to group related Quick Call templates. For example, a Group Template could be created for when a new employee begins work at an organization. The new employee will need a new PC, an email account, a Username and password etc. Rather than creating a separate request for each task, a Group Template could be created including all the Quick Call requests.


Group Templates are available to any User within the system.


Creating a Group Template

To create a new Group Template:

  1. Select Home>Group Templates

  2. Click New
    The Group Template editor appears.


  3. Enter the Group Name

  4. Search and select an Item Type the group will be based on, if required

  5. Select the Priority for the template

  6. Select a default Status (Open or Closed- Resolved) and Notification method

  7. Tick the Customers Access option, if Customers are to be enabled to use the Group Template in the Customer Portal.
    If this option is selected, the On Save and In Sequence options are displayed, which defines how the individual tasks will be created when the Template is saved by the Customer.

  8. If the In Sequence option is used, the first task within the Group Template is created when the template is selected and saved by the Customer. When the first task is Closed, the next task within the template is automatically created and so goes the auto-creation process until all tasks within the template have been created and closed in sequence.

    When the On Save option is selected, all tasks included in the Template are created in the system when the Customer saves the Group Template in the Customer Portal.

  1. Enter a Description

  2. Click Save
    The Group Analysis tab is displayed. The User is required to create Task templates or Quick Calls for the Group Template


  3. Assign a pre-existing Quick Call by selecting options displayed beneath the dashed line and selecting the Add button

  4. Create new templates by selecting New Quick Call in the drop down list.
    The Quick Call editor is displayed.


  1. Enter Quick Call details and Save
    For more information about configuring Quick Call templates, see: Quick Calls.

  2. If the system requires an Item to be assigned to a Quick Call template, assign the Unknown Item and the new Item details can be further refined when the Task becomes active in the system.

  1. Continue to create additional Task templates, as required

  2. When all relevant Quick Call templates have been created for the Group Template, click Done.


  3. To change the order of requests in the Tasks list, select the checkbox beside the Order ID and use theinline_up.png inline_down.png  buttons.


Applying Group Templates

See: Incident Groups or Change Groups for more information on applying a Group Template.