1.2 New in Version 5.1

Event Monitor Scope

Rather than burdening the Storage Manager Event Monitor in observing all events in the Active Directory forest or domain, this new feature lets you “scope” the segments of the forest or domain that the Event Monitor will monitor. A scoped segment of the forest or domain might include specific containers or groups. For more information, see Section 4.0, Configure the Event Monitor Scope and Section G.0, Event Monitor Scope.

Managed Path Naming Attribute

No longer dependent on the name of the sAMAccountName attribute value, which might or might not be a descriptive name of the user or group, you can now choose from among multiple attributes for the user or group folder name. For more information, see Section 6.5.4, Setting Target Paths.

Multi-Principal Group Storage Policies

This new policy type allows for multiple groups to access a shared group folder, with each group having different sets of permissions to the group folder. For more information, see Section 8.9, Creating a Multi-Principal Collaborative Storage Policy.

Cross-Forest Data Management

Once you have established a trust relationship, you now have the ability to manage data in a secondary forest. For more information, see Cross-Forest Data Management.

Faster Data Copying

Multi-threaded data copying now speeds up any management task involving data movement.

New Action Blocks

There are new Action Blocks for Managed Path Naming Attributes and Multi-Principal Group Storage policies. For more information, see Creating a Managed Path Naming Attribute Action Block and Creating a Multi-Principal Suffix Mapping Action Block.