1.1 New in Version 5.2

Work Log Reports

The Work Log is a mechanism that maintains a history of Storage Manager events. The Work Log contains summary records for events that have reached the processed state; in other words, those that have run to completion or have been aborted by administrative action.

Data from the Work Log is presented in a pivot grid based on the parameters you choose. You can use this data for historical event tracking.

The Work Log is an optional component of Storage Manager and requires you to install Apache CouchDB. For more information see Section 12.0, Work Log Reports.

New Action Blocks

There are new Action Blocks for Move Schedule and Target Path. For more information, see Creating a Move Schedule Action Block and Creating a Target Paths Action Block.

Nested DFS Namespace Support

This enhancement addresses DFS configurations where a DFS link is configured to point to the root of a DFS namespace.

Updated Engine Status Page

Information on this page is now presented graphically. Additionally, the event logging is now on a persistent basis. For more information, see Section 13.1.1, Status.

Ability to Specify Years for File Retention and Grooming

A new option for groom rules lets you now specify a set number of years that the contents of a user or group folder will be vaulted, based on a specified policy or groom operation. This is particularly useful for archiving files that have not been accessed or modified since a specific year.