12.2 Installing CouchDB


  • Disk space requirements depend on how many events are being recorded and will vary based on the number of objects that are managed and how dynamic your environment is. A good estimate is allocating 30 MB per 100,000 stored events.

  • Micro Focus recommends that the CouchDB host be a multi-processor system with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. If you host CouchDB on a server that also hosts the Engine, Event Monitor, or SQL Server, the RAM requirements are in addition to the RAM for those services.

The following are a minimal set of procedures for installing CouchDB. For more detailed procedures, refer to the Apache CouchDB installation documentation.

  1. From couchdb.apache.org, download the platform version of Couch DB 2.0 for the server that will host the CouchDB database.

  2. Launch the downloaded installation file.

  3. Follow the wizard steps to complete the installation.

  4. (Conditional) if you are logged in as a built-in administrator, you must log out and then log in as a user with administrative permissions.

    CouchDB requires that the database be administered through a user account with administrative permissions rather than through the server’s built-in administrator.

  5. Launch Apache CouchDB Fauxton.

    This launches the Apache CouchDB administrative interface in a web browser.

  6. Click Setup.

  7. Click Configure Single Node.

  8. Specify a new administrator username and password, leave the IP address setting open, and leave the Port setting at 5984, then click Configure Node.

  9. Proceed with Section 12.3, Establishing the Work Log Database Settings in SMAdmin