4.0 Migrating from Storage Manager 3.1.1 for Active Directory

Use the procedures in this section to migrate your deployment of Storage Manager 3.1.1 for Active Directory to Version 5.0. You should follow these procedures only after you have performed the prerequisite tasks in Chapter 1: Section 1.0, Prerequisites, obtained a Micro Focus Storage Manager 5.0 for Active Directory license as indicated in Chapter 2: Section 2.0, Licensing the Product, and installed an SQL Server instance as specified in Chapter 3: Section 3.0, Installing and Configuring an SQL Server Instance.

IMPORTANT:You must migrate your existing Engine, Event Monitor, and all Agents to Storage Manager 5.0 for Active Directory.

Once the Engine has been migrated, the existing Event Monitor and Agents become legacy components because they cannot perform their duties until they are also migrated. These legacy components are not deauthorized, nor are they removed, until you remove them yourself.

Having legacy components allows you to view the configuration settings and proxy assignments so you can reestablish them when you install the new Event Monitor and Agents.