7.2 Understanding Collaborative Storage Template Folders

When you created user home folder policies in Section 5.0, Managing User Home Folders, a field in the Provisioning Options page let you indicate the path to a template for provisioning folder structure and content in the home folder.

For collaborative storage management, you can also indicate a template path for provisioning and folder structure within the collaborative managed path. When Storage Manager for eDirectory creates a collaborative managed path for a group, it examines the policy to determine if a template has been defined and, if so, copies the contents of the template directory along with all attributes, trustee assignments, and quotas.

Unlike user home folders, collaborative disk space managed by Storage Manager for eDirectory is dynamic in that the member attributes of Group objects are monitored so that the addition and deletion of members can have a direct impact on the structure of the individual file system of a group as well as the rights given within the structure.