6.11 Creating a Landing Page for a Personal Workspace

You can create a landing page in a personal workspace only if your Novell Vibe administrator has enabled you to do so. If you are unable to create a landing page on your personal workspace as described in this section, consult your Vibe administrator.

If you are a Vibe administrator and you want to enable landing page creation for personal workspaces, see Enabling Users to Create Landing Pages on Personal Workspaces in the Novell Vibe 3.2 Administration Guide.

  1. In your personal workspace, click Workspace > Configure Views, URLs and Controls in the Action toolbar.

  2. On the Configure Workspace View tab, in the Default View section, select the landing page option that your administrator added.

  3. Click Apply > Close.

  4. Continue with Section 6.2, Setting Up Your Landing Page to complete the creation of your landing page.