15.0 Adding Software Extensions to Your Vibe Site

You can customize your OpenText Vibe site through the use of software extensions. Vibe administrators or Vibe developers can create custom extensions (add-ons) that enhance the power and usefulness of the Vibe software. For example, you might have an extension that enables Flash video support in Vibe.

When you customize your Vibe site through the use of software extensions, as described in this section, the customizations are available only for the zone where the software extension is deployed. If you are creating customizations for workflows, and you want to make the customizations available to multiple zones, you can instead add the customizations as JAR files, as described in Section 14.0, Enabling Custom JAR Files to Be Used on Your Vibe Site. (For more information about zones in Vibe, see Section 18.0, Setting Up Zones (Virtual Vibe Sites).)

This section discusses how to add software extensions that have already been created.

If you want Vibe to communicate with a third-party application and display related information inside of Vibe, you can set up a remote application, as described in Section 16.0, Using Remote Applications on Your Vibe Site.