15.1 What Is an Advanced Installation?

In addition to the Basic installation options described in What Is a Basic Vibe Installation?, the installation program for Vibe provides several advanced installation and configuration alternatives. You can implement the advanced options after performing a Basic installation, or you can have the installation program present all the options together.

Compared to a Basic installation, an Advanced installation offers the following additional options:

  • Changing the session timeout

  • Specifying a keystore file

  • Specifying different directories for different types of data

  • Configuring requests and connections configuration

  • Disabling and enabling four different web services

  • Changing the configuration of the Lucene Index Server

  • Configuring a remote Lucene Index Server or a group of high-availability Lucene nodes

  • Reconfiguring how RSS feeds are retained or disabling them entirely

  • Enabling presence in conjunction with GroupWise Messenger

  • Configuring a reverse proxy to accommodate single sign-on

  • Configuring Windows Authentication

  • Configuring mirrored folders

  • Installing Vibe in a clustered environment

IMPORTANT:The following Vibe configurations require that you perform an Advanced installation as your initial installation of the Vibe software:

  • Setting up the Vibe file repository so that some types of files are located outside the Vibe file repository root directory. See Distributing Different Data Types to Different Locations for Advanced installation instructions. You cannot move subdirectories within the Vibe file repository after they have been created.

  • Installing the Vibe software on multiple servers to create a clustered environment. See Section 21.0, Running Vibe on Multiple Servers for Advanced installation instructions. The option to enable a clustered environment is available only during an Advanced installation.

If you want to implement an Advanced installation option, you should perform a Basic installation first, in a test environment, before performing the Advanced installation to set up your permanent Vibe site.