2.0 Vibe’s Service Components

A OpenText Vibe site consists of four major components:

Vibe Software

The Vibe software is a customized version of Apache Tomcat. This software provides the web-based functionality you use as you access the Vibe site through your web browser.

SQL Database

Vibe uses an SQL-based database for storing the following information about the Vibe site and its users:

  • Structural information about workspaces, folders, and entries (for example, their location in the workspace tree)

  • Identification information about workspaces, folders, and entries (for example, titles, descriptions, dates of creation/modification, and users associated with creation/modification)

  • User profile information (for example, full name, phone number, and email address)

The Vibe database disk space requirements are relatively modest, because the database is not used for storing files.

File Repository

The Vibe file repository holds all files that are imported into Vibe, information related to the imported files (such as thumbnails and HTML renderings), and the search engine index.

The Vibe file repository disk space requirements depend on the size of the Vibe site. For a large Vibe site, disk space requirements can be substantial.

Lucene Search Index

The Lucene Index Server is a high-performance Java search engine. The Lucene index contains pointers to the actual data stored in the Vibe file repository. The index enables the Lucene search engine to perform very fast searches through large quantities of Vibe data.