1.7 Creating a Team Workspace

By default, everyone in Vibe has rights to create a team workspace.

Team workspaces are the most common type of workspaces. They facilitate team objectives by enabling team members to quickly share files, share ideas, and work together more efficiently and effectively.

To create a team workspace:

  1. Click the Browse icon in the Action toolbar, then expand Home Workspace in the Workspace tree.

    The Home Workspace directory is the highest-level folder in the workspace tree, and might be named something specific to your organization.

  2. Click Team Workspaces.

    The Teams page is displayed.

  3. Click New Workspace.

    The New Workspace page is displayed.

    If you do not see the New Workspace option, your site administrator has not permitted you to create a new workspace at this level. Continue to expand the workspace tree, following the path of your organizational unit, click the name of the directory where you want to create the new team workspace, then, next to the workspace name, click the Configure icon . Click New Workspace. Ensure that you select Team Workspace in the Workspace section. Or, follow the steps in Creating a Team Workspace inside of an Existing Team Workspace.

  4. Specify the following information:

    Workspace Title: Provide a title for the workspace.

    Workspace: Select Team Workspace.

    Team Members: Specify the team members.

    You can specify individual users, entire groups, or add names that are on your clipboard. For more information about using the Vibe clipboard, see Using the Vibe Clipboard.

    Workspace Folders: Select the folders that you want the workspace to contain.

    If you later decide that you want to add additional folders, you can add them at any time. For information on how to add folders to a workspace, see Creating a New Folder.

  5. Click OK to create the new workspace.

For information on how to create a team workspace inside of an existing workspace, see Creating a Team Workspace inside of an Existing Team Workspace.