3.22 Show Bundle Activity on the Managed Device

You can display the bundle activity indicator window during the distribution, installation, verification, and uninstallation of a bundle on the managed device.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab.

  2. In the Bundles list, click the bundle’s underlined link in the Name column to display its Summary page.

  3. In the General panel, click Yes for Show Bundle Activity.

  4. Click Increment Version to increment the version of the bundle.

  5. In the Confirm Version Increment dialog box, click Yes.

The activity indicator is used to notify the user on the managed device that some ZENworks activities such as downloading files or installing an MSI are being performed on the device. The user on the managed device cannot close this bundle activity indicator window.

On Windows 2000 devices, the control that indicates the progress of the bundle execution on the managed device is not displayed in the bundle activity indicator window.