30.0 User Sources

Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management lets you assign content to users as well as devices. Device-assigned content is available whenever the device is running and connected to the network; user-assigned content is available only when the user is logged in to the Management Zone. For example, if you assign a bundle to a user, the bundle is available only after the user logs in.

Unlike devices, users are not defined in your Management Zone. Instead, you connect to the LDAP directory that you want to use as your authoritative user source. If necessary, you can connect to multiple directories.

NOTE:After you define a user source, the ZENworks Adaptive Agent automatically prompts device users to log in to the ZENworks Management Zone. If you do not want users to receive this prompt, you can uninstall or disable the User Management module at the ZENworks Adaptive Agent level. For more information, see Section 14.0, Configuring Adaptive Agent Settings after Deployment.

The following sections provide instructions to define user sources: