19.0 Introduction to ZENworks System Updates

The System Updates feature allows you to obtain updates to the Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management software on a timely basis, and also allows you to schedule automatic downloads of the updates.

Software updates are provided periodically and you can choose whether to deploy each update after viewing its content.

The first few ZENworks 10 Configuration Management updates are cumulative; thereafter they are additive. For example, if the update for version 10.0.3 is your first system update for ZENworks, it includes all updates contained in the update for version 10.0.2. However, you need to apply the update for version 10.0.3 before you can apply the update for version 10.0.4.

You can also download the latest Product Recognition Update (PRU) to update your knowledgebase so that Inventory can recognize newer software.

When you select to update your ZENworks software, you can update globally in one step or in stages. You can also select to update specific devices, groups of devices, or all devices in the Management Zone that have the ZENworks software installed. You can use ZENworks Control Center to track the successes and failures per device for each software update.

The following figure illustrates the System Updates page:

Figure 19-1 System Updates Panels (Available System Updates, Deploying System Updates, and Deployment Stages)

System Updates page

Review the following sections to set up and manage updates for your ZENworks software: