3.2 Installing the ZENworks Migration Utility

You must install the Migration Utility on a device that does not have AdminStudio previously installed. If you choose to install the Migration Utility on a device that already has AdminStudio installed, the migration of an AOT application fails. For more information on this issue, see the troubleshooting scenario Unable to migrate an AOT application.

Perform the following steps to download and install the ZENworks Migration Utility executable to the Windows device where you will be running the utility:

  1. (Conditional) If an earlier version of the utility is already installed on the device, then uninstall it before installing the latest version.

  2. In your Web browser, access the following URL:


    and download ZENmigration.exe to a temporary location.

    Because the ZENworks Migration Utility saves its work files locally, you should plan to always run this utility from the same workstation in order to provide migration history information that you can use in both planning and during migration. These work files are not transferable to other workstations where you might install the utility. You will have disjointed histories if you use multiple workstations to perform the migration.

    IMPORTANT:Novell strongly recommends that you do not run the Migration Utility from the Primary Server. The Migration Utility’s processes are CPU intensive and can noticeably slow down the server.

    Also, Novell’s license from Macrovision prohibits installing the utility on more than one device per Management Zone.

    Therefore, install the utility on a supported management workstation.

  3. Run ZENmigration.exe to install it on your workstation.