2.5 Reporting

ZENworks Reporting includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Performance improvements in pre-defined Asset Management and Inventory reports

  • Inclusion of new reports to track which bundle is installing which licensed software

    To update ZENworks Reporting with new reports, reconfigure the updated ZENworks. For information, see Reconfiguring ZENworks Reporting (Configure Domains step) in the ZENworks Reporting Appliance 6.2.1 Deployment and Administration Reference.

  • Ability to view Mobile App information in the ZENworks Bundle Domain

  • Ability to identify Satellite Servers in the ZENworks Domain

  • Addition of Device Group objects across the ZENworks Domain

  • Support for IPv6 addressing across the ZENworks Domain coupled with better and more accurate reporting of IP addresses in general

  • Revamped System Message Report

  • Defect fixes across the ZENworks Domain to ensure more accurate data

  • Multiple pre-defined adhoc views for better Licensed Product Tracking