1.3 Supported Environments and Patch Content

Platforms that Patch Management supports for installing and operating Patch Management are congruent with system requirements for the ZENworks suite.

Refer to the system components below to see their supported Patch Management platforms:

For a complete list of requirements for the ZENworks system, see the ZENworks 2017 Update2 System Requirements.

NOTE:SLED 12 SP2 and SLES 12 SP2 Linux distributions require rpm-python installation as a prerequisite to run the patch scan process. This package should be installed by default with these Linux distributions. If rpm-python is not installed, it must be manually installed for the patch scan engine to return an accurate patch status.

Supported patch content: The Patch Management Content Development Team continuously evaluates vendor patch solutions for emerging threats to provide the latest patch content support for operating systems and applications used by ZENworks Patch Management customers.

Due to the evolving nature of patch content support, the ZENworks Patch Management team issues a Content Quarterly report with updated information about vendors, products, and product versions that are supported with patch content via the Micro Focus Global Subscription Service (GSS). To access the latest Content Quarterly, see the ZENworks-Patch-Management-Content-Report.pdf.

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