11.0 Integrating with Apple Device Enrollment Program

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of the Apple Deployment Programs and provides administrators with a streamlined way to deploy multiple corporate owned iOS devices. Upon device activation, over-the-air configuration of the device is immediate and enrollment with the MDM server is automatic. There is no need for IT administrators to physically access each device to complete the setup. The benefits of this program are:

  • Zero-touch enrollment of devices to the MDM Server

  • Wireless supervision of devices

  • Enforce MDM Enrollment of devices

  • Lock MDM Profiles on the devices

  • Streamlined setup process

DEP also enables you to supervise devices without having to use Apple Configurator to set these devices as supervised. The supervision mode gives you enhanced control over the device. The Apple DEP work flow is summarized as follows:

NOTE:Enrollment of Apple TV devices using the Apple Device Enrollment Program is currently supported on an experimental basis. The enrollment of these devices are the same as enrolling an DEP enabled iOS device.

You can also watch the following videos to know more about the Apple Deployment Program:

IMPORTANT:If you are enrolling devices using Apple School Manager, ensure that the Device Manager role is assigned to your Apple School Manager account. For more information, see the Apple School Manager Help.