3.3 Licensing ZENworks Products

ZENworks products are licensed individually if you are purchasing individual products, or as a suite if you are purchasing the Micro Focus ZENworks Suite. To activate a product, go to ZENworks Control Center and enter the license key provided in the Micro Focus Customer Center portal. After you have specified the license key, you see new pages added to ZENworks Control Center that are specific to that feature set.

The following screen shot shows the individual components that can be licensed:

After a product has been licensed, it is typically activated automatically. The exception to this is Full Disk Encryption and Endpoint Security Management, which must be manually enabled. After the product is activated, it automatically enables the agent-side components of that product for the entire zone. If you do not intend to use this product for the entire zone, or if you want to do a staged rollout of the capability, we recommend that you disable the components at the zone level, so that you can then enable them at the folder or device level as your rollout of that capability proceeds. The components can be enabled from the Configuration > Device Management > ZENworks Agent page in ZENworks Control Center, as shown below: