1.1 Remote Management Terminology



Managed device

A device that you want to remotely manage. To remotely manage a device, ensure that the Remote Management component is installed and the Remote Management service is running on the device.

Management server

A device where the ZENworks Configuration Management server is installed.

Management console

The interface for managing and administering the devices. For performing the remote operations, you must install ZCC Helper on the device. For more information on Installing ZCC Helper, see Section 2.4.1, Installing ZCC Helper


A person who can configure Remote Management policies and settings, and grant Remote Management rights to remote operators.

Remote Management Service

A managed device component that enables remote operators to perform remote operations on the device.

Remote Management Viewer

A management console application that enables a remote operator to perform remote operations on the managed device. It allows the remote operator to view the managed device desktop, transfer files, and execute applications on the managed device.

Remote Management Listener

A management console application that enables a remote operator accept remote assistance requests from managed device users.

Remote Management Proxy

A proxy server that forwards Remote Management operation requests from the Remote Management Viewer to a managed device. The proxy is useful when the viewer cannot directly access a managed device that is in a private network or on the other side of a firewall or router that is using NAT (Network Address Translation). As a prerequisite, the proxy must be installed on a Windows managed device or Linux device.