2.7 Requesting a Remote Management Session in the Absence of the Z-icon

In the absence of the Z-icon, you can use the zac rrs or zac request-remote-session command to request a remote management session from the managed device. For details, see ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference. This command is available on managed devices with 11.3.1 and later versions.

Alternatively you can enable users to request a remote management session using a bundle. To launch a Remote Management session from a bundle, do the following:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab.

  2. Click New > Bundle.

  3. In the New Bundle Type panel, click Windows Bundle, and click Next.

  4. In the New Bundle Category panel, click Empty Bundle, and click Next.

  5. In the Bundle Name box, type the name of the bundle, click Next, then click Finish.

  6. In the Actions tab, click Add > Launch Executable.

  7. In the Add Action - Launch Executable window, type the following details:

    General tab:

    Command: nzrSignaller

    Command Line Parameters: ZRMRequestSessionEvent

    Working Directory: %ZENworks_Home%\bin

    Advanced tab:

    Select Run as secure system user (Don’t allow system to interact with desktop).

  8. Assign the bundle to a device or a user.