6.4 Log Configuration

This enables you to view, configure, or edit any log configuration files that are related to ZENworks, such as ZENServer, ZENLoader, Embedded Database, ZMAN, CASA, Inventory, Imaging, and Remote Management.

To launch ZENworks Log Configuration:

  1. On the ZENworks Appliance home page, in the ZENworks section, click Log Configuration.

You can view all configuration log files that are categorized logically on the ZENworks Primary Server. The Basic view displays frequently used log configuration settings and you can set different log levels such as debug, info, off, warning, and error.

In the Advanced view, it loads ZENworks component's log configuration file, and can be edited to debug any issue in the customer environment. After editing the configuration file, you can restart the services. You can also list files that are modified and process that requires to restart.

For example, the Tomcat maximum file size is 300 KB by default. You can edit the configuration file to increase the file size to 400 KB.

The Advanced view of Log Configuration has the following options:

  • Edit Mode: Click the Edit Mode icon to edit a configuration file that displays in an editor.

  • Reload: Reloads the current changes to a configuration file.

  • Reset to default: Reverts the file to the state since applying the last ZENworks system update.

  • Save: Saves a configuration file.