5.5 Storage

If you have created hard disk partitions (/vastorage and /var), ZENworks Appliance provides tools that allow you to expand the storage space for the /vastorage and /var partitions.

  1. Shutdown the appliance.

  2. Use the tools provided by your visualization platform vendor to expand the virtual disks that contain the partitions you are expanding.

  3. Start the appliance.

  4. In the ZENworks Appliance home page, in the Appliance Configuration section, click Storage.

  5. In the Appliance Disks Containing Unallocated Free Space section, select the partitions to be expanded.

  6. Click Expand partitions.

    After clicking Expand partitions, a browser pop-up message is displayed.

  7. Click Ok and restart the appliance so that the operating system detects the volume size change.


    • Expansion of the drive is performed during the shutdown process.

    • If you have installed more than 2 hard disks in your appliance, then use the YaST tool to expand the additional hard disks (other than the root and the vastorage).