A.1 Adding Generic Windows 11 in System Requirement In ZENworks 20 Update 2

Perform the following steps to add generic Windows 11 under the "Operating System - Windows" system requirement:

  1. Open a Bundle or Policy, click > Requirements > Operating System - Windows, in the dropdown list, empty the textbox, and add "11.0 - Windows 11 Versions".

  2. Click Apply and Publish the bundle/policy. The bundle or policy will flow down to Windows 11 agents.

    NOTE:In ZCC as these system requirements get loaded from a file on every page reload. Hence, the value of the version might be reverted to "11.0.2109" on the next page reload in ZCC, but the bundle or policy will be using the "11.0" version once the bundle/policy is published with "11.0 - Windows 11 Versions", which is as per existing design.