7.1 Agent Installation Requirements

The following prerequisites are required to install the Antimalware Agent on managed devices:

IMPORTANT:Ensure that the Policy Management agent feature is enabled and installed.

  • Ensure that the managed device is supported (see Windows Managed Device Requirements) and is:

    • Windows 10 or newer

    • Windows Server 2012 or newer

  • Ensure that managed devices have the recommended disk space and memory for the installation:

    • Disk space: 3 GB

    • RAM: 4 GB

  • Activate ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and the Antimalware Entitlement.

  • Remove any preexisting antimalware or antivirus programs from the devices. This includes completing any required reboots from software removal. Otherwise, the Antimalware Agent installation could require multiple reboots.

    The program will prohibit installation on Windows 10 devices that have antimalware or antivirus software installed, but this capability is not available on Windows Server operating systems.

    NOTE:Microsoft Defender Antivirus is one exception to this requirement. The agent installation package removes this program from both Windows 10 and Windows Server operating systems prior to installation.

  • Configure the Antimalware Server settings.

  • Make any required changes to the installation schedule. The default setting is “at policy enforcement.”

    When assigning the policy to many devices at one time, care should be taken to minimize the impact of the agent download and installation on your Content Servers and network. best practice would be to ensure that assigned devices are on different refresh schedules (Configuration > Device Management > Device Refresh and Removal Schedule) or have different Antimalware Agent installation schedules (Configuration > Security > Antimalware Agent Schedules). You can randomize these settings by customizing them on the Settings tab of device folders and individual devices.

  • Create an Antimalware Enforcement Policy.

  • Assign the Antimalware Enforcement Policy to the devices and publish the policy.

  • Follow up on Antimalware Agent installation status. In some cases (system dependent) end users may be prompted to reboot their devices to complete the installation.

For more information, see Antimalware Configuration.