7.7 Troubleshooting

7.7.1 Antimalware agent displays "You are at risk" alert message

An Antimalware agent device has access to the On-demand Content Master (OCM) server, and can successfully update its agent and signature versions. If the device has no direct access to the internet, then the following alert message is displayed:

"You are at risk"

"The connection to Cloud Services could not be established. You are not fully protected. Please contact your system administrator."

Cause: The Antimalware agent requires access to the following addresses:


The agent will try to resolve this directly. If it cannot, the agent displays the "You are at risk" error.


In ZCC, go to Configuration > Security > Antimalware Agent Notifications and change the "Cloud Services unavailable" notification from "Critical" to "Warning", this will suppress the message.

This may affect detection rates, as access to Cloud Services provides an additional level of detection for suspicious files beyond what is available from the local scan engine heuristics.


Allow agents to directly access nimbus.bitdefender.net on port 443

7.7.2 Unable to Install Antimalware Agent on Windows Devices

Unable to install Antimalware Agent on Windows devices without updating the custom platform support.

Workaround: Add the mapping entry for the windows version in windowsVersionMapping.properties file.

7.7.3 An exception is Logged While Copying Data from Antimalware History Table

The following exception message is logged in the Antimalware log file while copying data from the Antimalware history table:

Failed to persist the data using bulk copy.

While configuring the Antimalware Database, ensure that you use public as the schema name for PostgreSQL and dbo as the schema name for MS SQL. If you have specified any other schema name, then you might face this issue.

Workaround: Ensure that you provide the above-mentioned schema names.