13.0 Inviting Users to Enroll Devices

You can send an invite letter to users to have them enroll their devices to ZENworks. To do this:

  1. Click Users in the left hand pane in ZCC.

  2. Select a user folder or a specific user.

  3. Click Action > Invite User.

    You can preview the email notification in different languages by selecting the appropriate language from the Preview Language drop down. However, the email will be sent in the language set in the Mobile Enrollment Policy, which should be assigned to the selected users. The contents of the pre-configured email can be customized to suit your requirements. You can edit the content by navigating to Configuration > Event and Messaging > Email Notifications > Invite Users. For more information, see Managing Email Notifications.

    Before clicking the Send button, you should also select the MDM Server to which the users should enroll their devices. This MDM Server will be resolved to the macro variable $HOSTNAME$ present in the pre-configured email. All macro variables will be resolved when the email is sent to the user

NOTE:Ensure that an SMTP server is configured, which will enable you to send the email notification.

For Android devices, after the user downloads the ZENworks Agent App, the user can tap the Scan to autofill icon on the app to auto-fill the login credentials in the ZENworks Agent app. On tapping the icon, the device camera will open and the user needs to scan the QR code appearing under the To enroll an iOS, Blackberry or Windows mobile device section of the default Invite email. After scanning the QR code, the user will be redirected to the ZENworks Agent app. All the login credentials except the user password will be autofilled in the app. The user needs to only specify the password to login to the app. For more information on enrolling Android devices, see Enrolling Android Devices.