7.15 Patch Rights - Zone

Patch Management rights are configurable at two levels: zone and device. The zone-level Patch Management rights control the operations that are available on the Patch Management page and on device objects, while the device-level Patch Management rights (see Section 7.14, Patch Rights - Device) control only the operations available on device objects.

The following zone-level Patch Management rights are available:




Patch Deploy

  • Deploy a patch to a device

  • Deploy a patch to a device group

  • Deploy a patch to a device folder

An administrator must have this right and Bundle Rights for the patch bundle being deployed.

Patch Enable

  • Enable a patch to be deployed


Patch Disable

  • Disable a patch so it can’t be deployed


Patch Update Cache

  • Update a patch in the ZENworks Server cache by downloading the patch from the subscription service


View Patch Details

  • View information for a patch that is listed in a device’s Patches list


Export Patch

  • Export patch information to a CSV file for one or more patches selected from a device’s Patches list


Remove Patch

  • Remove a patch from a device



  • Configure the Patch Management zone settings (Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Patch Management)


View Dashboard

  • View the Patch Management dashboard


New Bundles

  • Create a new patch bundle

  • Delete a patch bundle


Patch Policy

  • Create a patch policy

  • Rename a patch policy

  • Copy a patch policy to create a new patch policy

  • Delete a patch policy

  • Assign a patch policy to devices, device groups, and device folders

  • Enable and disable a patch policy

  • Publish a patch policy