7.21 System Update Rights

The System Updates Rights dialog box lets you allow or deny the administrator the rights to authorize any downloaded update and also the right to deploy the authorized update to devices. The deploy options are available only if the updates are authorized.

7.21.1 Privileges

The Privileges section lets you grant the selected administrator rights to authorize and deploy updates to devices.

The following rights are available:




Authorize Update (APRU)

  • Authorize system updates to be deployed


Deploy Update (APLU)

  • Deploy a system update to devices

  • Schedule deployments

  • Cancel deployments

  • Create, modify, reorder, and delete stages (also requires View Leaf rights to all devices in zone)

In addition to this right, an administrator must also have View Leaf rights for the target devices.

Configure Updates (CNFU)

Allow or deny the administrator the right to configure the system update. Administrators can configure the system update before deploying.