3.1 Creating Administrators

To create an administrator account:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, in the left pane, click Configuration.

  2. Click the Administrators tab.

  3. In the Administrators panel, click New > Administrator to display the Add New Administrator dialog box.

  4. Fill in the fields:

    Create a New Administrator by Providing Name, Password: Select this option if you want to create a new administrator account by manually specifying the name and password.

    When specifying a name, do not use characters such as / \ * ? : " ' < > | ` % ~. These characters are invalid and are not allowed in administrator names. For more information on conventions to follow, see Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Centerin the ZENworks Control Center Reference.

    Administrator login names with Unicode characters are case sensitive. Ensure that you use the correct case for each character in the login name when it contains Unicode characters.

    The new administrator can change the password the first time he or she logs in by clicking the icon located next to the Logout link in the upper-right corner of ZENworks Control Center.

    Based on User(s) in a User Source: Select this option if you want to create a new administrator account based on information from your user source. To do so, click Add, then browse for and select the user you want.

    Give this Administrator the Same Rights as I Have: By default, new administrator accounts are granted View rights in the Management Zone, which means that they can log in and see most information but cannot modify any of it.

    Select this option if you want to assign the new administrator the same rights that you have as the currently-logged in administrator. Otherwise, you will need to assign rights to the administrator after the administrator account is created.

  5. When you have finished filling in the fields, click OK to add the new administrator.

  6. Assign rights to the new administrator using any of the following methods:

You can also use the admin-create command in zman to create an administrator account. For more information, see Administrator Commands in the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.