7.11 LDAP Import Rights

The LDAP Import Rights dialog box lets you control the selected administrator’s ability to import LDAP information.

The following right is available:




LDAP Import

  • Create a an LDAP import task; the task imports data from an LDAP source and uses it to populate device inventory information in ZENworks Control Center

  • Rename an LDAP import task

  • Delete an LDAP import task

  • Launch an LDAP import task

  • Abort an LDAP import task

  • View results of an LDAP import task

  • Modify tasks settings

The LDAP Import feature is located in Configuration > Asset Inventory tab > LDAP Import Tasks.

View Audit Log

  • View a specific context’s Audit tab and the events logged to that tab.

This right does not allow the administrator to view event details. To view event details, the administrator must have the View Audit Event right.

View Audit Events

  • View a specific context’s Audit tab, the events logged to that tab, and the details for the events

Setting the View Audit Events right to Allow forces the View Audit Log right to Allow.