7.20 Sharing Rights

The Sharing Rights dialog box lets you allow or deny the administrator the rights to perform tasks related to object sharing.

7.20.1 Contexts

Select folders for which you want to assign sharing rights. To select a folder, click Add to display the Contexts dialog box, browse for and select the folder (or multiple folders), then click OK. The rights also apply to the folder’s subfolders.

7.20.2 Privileges

The Privileges section lets you grant the administrator rights to work with the sharing folders that you selected in the Contexts section.

The following rights are available:




View Leaf

Access information for subscribers or subscriber groups


Modify Folders

Modify subscriber folders


Create/Delete Folders

Create or delete subscriber folders


Modify Groups

Modify existing subscriber groups


Create/Delete Groups

Create or delete subscriber groups


Modify Group Membership

Add or remove a subscriber to subscriber group


Authorize/Deny/Delete Subscribers

Authorize, deny, or delete a subscriber


Modify Bundle Sharing Settings

Suspend or resume bundle sharing


Modify Policy Sharing Settings

Suspend or resume policy sharing


Assign Bundles

Assign bundles to the subscriber or subscriber group


Assign Policies

Assign policies to subscriber or subscriber group