19.2 Maximum Pool Size

The MaxPoolSize value configured in the zdm.xml file governs the maximum number of connections allowed in a database connection pool from a Primary Server.

The zdm.xml file is located on the Primary Server:

Windows: %ZENSERVER_HOME%\conf\datamodel\

Linux: /etc/opt/microfocus/zenworks/datamodel

With the default MaxPoolSize value of 100, the ZENServer and ZENLoader services currently create a single thread pool. As a result, under the peak load, there are 100 possible connections each from ZENloader and ZENserver.

However, the database server should be able to accept and serve 200*<N> concurrent connections from the ZENworks context, where N is the number of Primary Servers in the ZENworks Zone.

The current default value is sufficient for most configurations and loads. It is recommended not to customize the MaxPoolSize value; to closely monitor the database, functionality and performance of ZENworks.

If you want to configure a higher value for the MaxPoolSize parameter, ensure that the number of concurrent connections that can be accepted or served by the database server is greater than or equal to 2*<Configured MaxPoolSize> * <Number of Primary Servers>.

NOTE:The default MinPoolSize value is 5.