13.1 Backing up the existing Windows or Linux Primary Server

  1. (Conditional) If you have installed an Windows or Linux server with the Embedded PostgreSQL database, then note down the database credentials for the super administrator and by running the following commands:

    • database-get-credentials-superuser (zman dgcs)

    • database-get-credentials (zman dgc)

    • database-get-credentials-audit (zman dgca)

    • database-get-credentials-antimalware (dgcam)

  2. Take a reliable backup of the existing ZENworks Server. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring the ZENworks Server and Certificate Authority in the ZENworks Disaster Recovery Reference

  3. (Conditional) If Kafka is enabled in the zone and is currently running on the server, then stop the Kafka services by executing the following commands:

    • systemctl stop microfocus-zenkafka-connect.service

    • microfocus-zenkafka-schema-registry.service

    • microfocus-zenkafka.service

    Take a backup of Kafka data from the following location:


  4. Take a backup of the novell-tftp.conf and novell-proxydhcp.conf files from /etc/opt/novell on a Linux server or ZENWORKS_HOME\conf\preboot on a Windows server.

  5. (Conditional) Take a reliable backup of the database in any of the following scenarios:

    • You are using an internal ZENworks database.

    • You are using an external database installed on the device hosting the Primary Server and you do not plan to use the device after uninstalling the Primary Server.

    PostgreSQL: For detailed information on how to move the data from one PostgreSQL database to another PostgreSQL database, see the Oracle documentation. Later on, perform the steps described in Backing up an Embedded PostgreSQL Database on One Primary Server and Restoring it on another Primary Server in the ZENworks Database Management Reference.

    To take a backup of an external database, see the documentation for the database.

  6. Take a backup of the datamodel folder available in the following location:

    On Windows: %ZENSERVER_HOME%\conf\datamodel

    On Linux: /etc/opt/microfocus/zenworks/datamodel

  7. Stop all the ZENworks services on the Primary Server.

    For detailed information on how to stop the ZENworks services on Windows, see Stopping the ZENworks Services.

    For detailed information on how to stop the ZENworks services on Linux, see Stopping the ZENworks Services.

  8. Take a reliable backup of the content-repo directory of the Primary Server. The content-repo directory is located by default in the %ZENSERVER_HOME%\work directory on Windows and in the /var/opt/microfocus/zenworks/ on Linux.

  9. Ensure that the images directory located within the content-repo directory has been successfully backed up.

  10. (Optional) If there are any TFTP customizations related to imaging, then back up the TFTP files. The tftp directory is located in the /srv/ folder on the Linux server and in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\ on the Windows server.

  11. Disconnect the device from the network.