5.2 Understanding the Upgrade Order in a Vertica-enabled Zone

As stated earlier in this guide, if you have multiple servers in the zone, when you perform the upgrade for the first time in the Management Zone, only one Primary Server can be upgraded at a time and this server will be considered as the first Primary Server. The subsequent upgrade of additional Primary Servers can be done in parallel.

The sequence in which the servers are to be upgraded is illustrated below:

  1. If embedded PostgreSQL is present in your zone, then it is mandatory that you first upgrade the server that has the embedded PostgreSQL database and then continue with Step 3.

  2. (Conditional) If embedded PostgreSQL is not present in the zone, then it is recommended that you first upgrade the Appliance server that has the Vertica role enabled in it.

  3. Upgrade the other servers that have the Vertica-role enabled, if any

  4. Upgrade the remaining servers in the zone.