2.2 Downloading and Extracting ZDC

You need to download and extract ZENworks Diagnostic Center on the Primary Server on which you want to run the tool.

  1. Open a Web browser to the following address:

    Micro Focus Download site.

  2. From the ZCM <version> ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file page, download the ZENworksDiagnosticCenter.zip file to a temporary location and extract the ZIP file contents.

    ZENworks system files and the ZENworks database schema require baseline data collected from known good deployments to compare with and assess the health of the current deployment data.

    The ZIP file contains the baseline data file, zdc_<version>.zdc, which is available in the data directory. This file contains the baseline data collected from the known good deployments of ZENworks Configuration Management.

    ZDC executable and configuration files are required to run ZDC. The directory that contains the ZENworks Diagnostic Center is referred to as $ZDC_Home.