2.1 Collecting ZDC Baseline

When you perform some database maintenance activities, the database objects such as indexes might be missing, as a result, issues such as performance degradation, might be observed. Hence, before performing any database maintenance activities, it is recommended that you to run ZDC and collect a baseline from the database. After completing the maintenance activity, run ZDC again to identify and re-create the missing schema objects. The steps to be performed are as follows:

  1. Download the relevant version of ZDC from the Micro Focus Customer Center.

    For example, if you are using ZENworks 2017 Update 4, then ensure that you download and use the ZDC for ZENworks 2017 Update 4.

  2. Run the following commands on a Primary Server to collect the baseline schema:

    • ZENworks Database: ./zdc collect -v zendatabase -b mybaseline.zdc

    • Audit Database: ./zdc collect -v auditdatabase -b mybaseline.zdc

    The baseline file (mybaseline.zdc) is saved in the same location.

  3. Perform the required database maintenance activity.

After performing the required maintenance activity, run the following commands to verify the schema of the database:

  • ZENworks Database: ./zdc verify -v zendatabase -b mybaseline.zdc

  • Audit Database: ./zdc verify -v auditdatabase -b mybaseline.zdc